Leaf Guards

Leaf Guards in Tulsa

Trees! We all love them. We enjoy their beauty and take comfort in the shade they produce. However, debris from trees can be very problematic to a gutter system. Keeping debris out of the gutters is critical to performance.

Determining the right product for each setting can be a very confusing effort. There are a tremendous number of leaf guard options available. There are some things to remember when sorting this information. Each product will be subject to the same dynamics of function, and will have both pros and cons. Here is a brief overview.

Leaf Guards

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Expanded metal screens

  • Slip under the shingle and fasten to the top, front lip of the gutter.
  • Openings in the screen must be big enough for water to flow through.
  • The opening size will be big enough to allow smaller debris to get through into the gutters.

Cleaning requirements can include removing debris from the screen surface and rinsing out the gutter.


Micromesh Screens

  • Can guarantee gutters to remain clog free.
  • Installation requires them to be installed in a slightly recessed position to prevent the rainwater from sheeting across the screens surface and missing the gutter altogether.
  • This recessed nature can allow debris to accumulate on top of the screen.
  • Cleaning requirements can include more frequent removal of debris from the screen surface. The gutters will be clog free.
Aluminum Mesh Guards
Guard on Guttering


  • Are also designed to keep gutters clog free.
  • Rainwater washes debris off of the helmet surface, while surface tension causes the water to cling to the surface of the metal and into the gutters.
  • Cleaning requirements are usually restricted to keeping the front nose of the helmet rinsed clean from sediment buildup, usually a garden hose with a spray nozzle.

Special Note

All debris control products will need a valley shield where there is a roof valley. This shield prevents water from overflowing the gutter. But the shield can also become a dam to prevent debris from being washed off roof by rainwater, or blown off by wind. All will require similar cleaning requirements in these areas.

5 Inch Gutter
6 Inch Gutter

These products vary greatly in effectiveness per setting and in cost. Your sales consultant can explain these options, suggest the best for your setting and price accordingly.

We can perform these cleaning and service requirements for you. Please see our “Cleaning and Repair” section for these details.

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