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Style, size, downspout location, material, color and installation methods are things to be considered in a well-designed gutter system.

Our gutter machines produce a seamless, k-style profile in two sizes, 5’’ and 6’’.

The k-style profile is named for its resemblance to the letter k, when viewing from a side profile.

5 or 6 Inch 5 or 6 Inch

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There are many benefits to a k-style gutter system including:

  • Can hold more water than rounded style gutters.
  • Superior strength and durability.
  • Less likely to bend or protrude when impacted by force.
  • The crown molding resemblance offers an attractive design when installed on your home.
  • Is the most popular gutter profile making it readily available.

The appropriate size of the gutter trough is determined by its ability to capture the rainwater off the roof, and conduct it to the downspout locations. Composition shingles, metal, tile, wooden shingles and other commercial roofing materials all produce a unique dynamic in conducting the water off the roof surface. Roof pitch, material overhang of the fascia trim boards etc., the trim boards themselves and mounting surfaces behind the gutter all factor into determining the size of the gutter your home needs. These would all be functional considerations.

Another consideration in determining size is aesthetics. While a 5’' gutter is generally functionally adequate, a 6’’ gutter actually scales to the house best. In most cases, the fascia trim the gutter fastens to, is a 1’’x6’’ material, or bigger.

The 6’’ gutter becomes its own fascia, covering most, if not all of the trim boards. The benefit in appearance is there is no irregular amount of wood trim reveal underneath the gutter.

Downspout size, spacing, style and location are key to satisfying functionality and appearance. We offer 3 sizes of rectangle downspouts and 2 sizes of round downspouts.

2x3 Downspout

2" x 3" Downspout Elbow

3x4 Downspout

3" x 4" Downspout Elbow

4x5 Downspout

4" x 5" Downspout Elbow

3 Inch Downspout

3" Round Downspout Elbow

4 Inch Downspout

4" Round Downspout Elbow

Each home or structure is unique and the downspout locations are dictated by roof line, roof square footage, water travel distance, construction details of trim and home, where water will discharge and customer preference. While sometimes challenging, we work very hard to find the balance between function, appearance and customer preference.


  • Light Weight
  • Will Not Rust
  • Most Affordable
  • Comes in over 40 different colors to compliment the paint of color of your home


  • Can last a generation
  • Ages with your home developing a unique green painting patina over time
  • Is expensive!
Shiny Guttering
Patina Guttering


  • Steel with an aluminum coating for rust protection.
  • Very strong, but heavier than aluminum.
  • Designed to give the galvanized steel appearance. No other color options.

There are a number of decorative products available to enhance the appearance of your gutter system.


Collector Boxes

Collector Box
Collector Box
Collector Box





Chimney Caps

Chimney Cap
Chimney Cap

Flashings and Vents

These products are available in all of the metals listed above, and can greatly improve the curb appeal of your home.

Beautiful Home
Wall Cap Flashing

Installation Methods

The methods used to install your guttering system will ultimately determine its effectiveness, aesthetics and longevity. Our philosophy, for proper installation, involves only the best:

  • Designed systems
  • Trained and experienced installers
  • Tools and equipment
  • Gutter hanger brackets
  • Fasteners (screws, anchors and rivets)

Our commitment is to produce gutters that:

  • Will capture the rainwater from the roof surface
  • Will stay attached to the structure
  • Won’t sag
  • Will be properly sloped to drain the water to the downspouts
  • Won’t leak at corner seams, end cap or downspouts
  • Will be as maintenance friendly as possible
  • Will give many years of great service

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